TACS Driver/Owner Information Form

TACS Driver/Owner Information Form

Driver Information Section

I certify that as a driver of a private vehicle transporting students to a TACS sponsored function:

1. I am at least 18 years old and have been a fully licensed driver for a period of at least one calendar year.

2. I currently possess a valid driver's license that does not have any legal restriction, limitation, or suspension associated or attached to it.

3. I possess Insurance coverage on the vehicle that I will be driving, including liability coverage in the amount of at least equal to the minimum required by the State of Michigan

4. I am not aware of any mechanical defect or problem with the vehicle that might make it unsafe for the purposes of this trip.

5. I agree to transport no more than the number of persons for which the vehicle is designed and insurance rated.

6. I will make sure that all passengers utilize the available safety restraining system. I will transport only approved passengers

7. I will make sure that children under the age of 13 will ride properly belted in the rear passenger area only.

8. I will make sure that all adult passengers are properly belted.

9. I understand that I am in charge of this vehicle. I will see to it that no occupant consumes tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal substances in or around this vehicle. I will see to it that no occupant possesses a weapon or firearm.

10. This is a TACS-sponsored event. By signing this form I agree to abide by TACS and TC High School Sailing Team code of conduct and expectations.